Liner notes and Album cover size

I’m a long-time paid subscriber and am just growing accustomed to the new Pandora interface. Back in the day, one of the great pleasures of shopping at a brick and mortar “record” store was browsing the album covers and reading the liner notes. While listing all of the many musical influences, etc. is ok, can we please have the original liner notes? SIZE MATTERS: The small album cover images on my smartphone are fine but the tiny album covers on my computer screen just don’t cut it for me. Could there eventually be an option to have MUCH LARGER cover art displayed? Itunes has continually managed to degrade their Web display from the lovely large cover display with a flip through option some years ago to the current version which is clumsy and downright ugly. Perhaps consider that Itunes version of some years back as a model. Thanks for considering my suggestions.

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