Scott attributes the campaign’s success to Hawaii’s Governor Benjamin J. Cayetano who introduced the reform legislation and to America’s preeminent consumer advocate, Ralph Nader. He and his protege Harvey Rosenfield traveled to Hawai`i to help identify the leadership team needed to create a consumer rights organization in Hawai`i to stop State Farm’s “Pure No Fault” legislation.

Guided by Nader and Rosenfield, Scott took the lead in seeing the organization launched and his enduring relationship with “Ralph” began. Governor Cayetano’s bill was later bolstered by an official resolution from the Democratic Party of Hawai`i. Scott had authored and lobbied the document through both the arduous Oahu County and State Democratic Party Convention processes.

Scott later reflected, “Getting that important resolution passed was a difficult proposition because we were challenged by several powerful Democratic Party members — including several sitting state legislators employed by the insurance industry. It was all very ugly but we stayed the course and ultimately prevailed.” Ralph Nader’s 1995 letter congratulating Scott and his board of directors is HERE.Over two decades later, Hawai`i Advocates For Consumer Rights remains a stalwart champion for Hawai`i consumers on a myriad of social justice and economic issues. Scott continues to be the pro bono Communications Director and media spokesperson for the respected organization.