NOTE: The two documents below were scanned and Photoshopped from the yellowing originals. They are very readable on a smart phone or tablet but if you’re using a computer, you may want to “zoom in” under your browser’s “view” button in order to easily read them.

When the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame co-founder, Marjorie Scott phoned me to ask for help, they were not selling enough tickets to what became a truly  legendary concert. I jumped in pro bono, created their original letterhead (below) and then drafted and sent out this media release. The Waikiki Theater event sold out in three days and grossed $29,000 in 1997 dollars.

During the dress rehearsal, I soon understood the great importance of copturing the event for posterity, I literally begged Kahauanu Lake to let me video tape the event but he would not permit it and I regret to this day because this was the single greatest assembly of veteran Hawaiian musicians and dancers I’ve ever seen during my 35-years in Hawai`i. Sadly, most of these great artists have since passed, – Scott Foster