Honolulu Symphony

Scott notes, “By the time our bill was moving through the legislature, we already had it wired. A.Q. and a team of symphony musicians did the one-on-one political lobbying and I did the community organizing, PR and communications. It all came together like a fine swiss watch and the music continued.” Aside, Scott says, “Many knew of A.Q.’s love for classical music but few knew her passion for choral music. She had been one of the original members of the Honolulu Symphony Chorus under the baton of the late Victor Alessandro and her relationship with Alessandro was another connection we shared. Maestro Alessandro had been the conductor of the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra where I was born and raised and I had seen him conduct there as a child; my very first encounter with live classical music!” This coincidence added to the numerous other Oklahoma-Hawai`i connections Scott later wrote about in his early demonstration of how hyperlinks could add great context to on line content; Aloha Oklahoma!


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