Scott left the organization and began to cover, write and photograph serious political issues for Island Lifestyle Magazine (ILS).


At ILS, Scott’s alter ego, Laverne’ DaGooche developed and wrote the hilarious, “always politically-correct” column Local Dirt. Scott, said, “I had to find some way to get important political news updates to the LGBT men and the best place to do that was in the men’s Gay Bars. I found that by sneaking small bits of key political information into what seemed to be only a humorous local gossip column, the men would read it and at least come away knowing a little about the serious current political situation. I continued to write the straight news stories but da Gooche’s column became a very effective device.”

An early handbill promoting Local Dirt

Scott notes, “Drag was a powerful form of political protest; a sure-fire way to get public and media attention. We had been doing it successfully for years. The notion that all drag queens want to be women is ludicrous. I would be a hideous woman.”

When Scott later became involved in the ultimately-successful fight to reform car insurance in Hawai`i, Laverne’ da Gooch wound up on the front-page in a photo holding a sign in front of the State Capitol. Yes, “No Fault Is A Drag!”


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