Scott later wrote, “Sad to say, but the issue had been badly mismanaged for over 20 years years by several inept local and national organizations. I was literally pushed by friends and associates into taking on what became the ugliest political fight of my career.”

2009 Red Shirt Gang
Dubbed “the Red Shirt Gang” the Radical Christian Right bused in many hundreds of fervent protesters to block House bill 444 which finally recognized Marriage Equality in Hawai`i.

“There was a lot of pushback from the Radical Christian Right but we prevailed. At the call of Hawai`i Governor Neil Abercrombie, the State Legislature held a special session which began on October 28, 2013. Two weeks later, the legislature finally passed the Hawai`i Marriage Equality Act. Governor Abercrombie signed the legislation on November 13,2013, and same-sex couples began marrying on December 2, 2013.” Read Scott’s detailed LGBT political history HERE.


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