Scott again assisted the Hawaiians in 1998 with yet another seminal event — seeing the Hawaiian flag raised over ‘Iolani Palace for the first time in 100 years. These events combined with President William Jefferson Clinton’s signing The Apology Act on behalf of the US government for its role in overthrowing the Hawaiian Kingdom. The joint resolution was adopted by both houses of the United States Congress on November 23, 1993, and was signed by President Clinton on the same day. The resolution had passed in the Senate 65–34 and the House by a two-thirds voice vote. It was introduced on January 21, 1993, by Hawaii’s Senator Daniel Akaka and co-sponsored by Senator Daniel Inouye. These events brought the issue of Hawaiian sovereignty to international attention as never before. Scott later donated his original Hawaiian communications database to the fledgling Hawaiian Environmental Network, now the respected organization known as Kahea.

Collaborating with many kupuna and other long-time Hawaiian friends and advisors, Scott has performed similar pro bono promotional projects on behalf of Hawaiian legacy organizations including The Royal Order of Kamehameha I, and The Kamehameha Festival & Parade Committee.